For over half my life I have either dabbled or worked in the world of the web. Starting in high school with an elective “Intro to Web Development” beginning with Microsoft's Frontpage moving to Macromedia’s Dreamweaver then to Notepad in order to write basic building blocks myself and this is also where I met the first developer love of my life: Macromedia’s Flash.

In college, I development my skills in front end development while getting my hands dirty with PHP which lead me to my first content management systems: Drupal and Wordpress, the second of which has become the darling of my dev life. This was also the first time I really gave a thought to the way a digital good is built for the best user experience, not only from the interaction from the user themself whether it be a keyboard, mouse, finger, or gamepad but the way audio and video can be incorporated in order to extend and support an experience. OK, that last part was a little cheesy what I was trying to say is: I enjoy developing websites and games.

Since then I have been working as a front-end developer and multimedia specialist (via audio, video, Flash, and web native development) within the web design and development industry for over 7 years.

Skills and Experiences

Most of my work is front end based: HTML/CSS/JS, jQuery, PixiJS, ActionScript

Content Management Systems I'm familiar with: WordPress, Drupal, iDev, Sitefinity, GetSimple

I have played with (while enjoying some more than others): Node.js, Vue.js, Angular JS, ReactJS, underscore.js, Phaser, Unity

Contact Me

Going to make this one easy, no forms just a simple email link: